I was suffering from extreme back pain for years and finally decided to give chiropractic a try. I was amazed with the evaluation that was done on me by Dr. Flood. What was most impressive is that I was in extreme pain when I went for my initial visit, but Dr. Flood would not treat me until he was able to review my X-rays and create a comprehensive treatment plan for me.

After a few visits, I felt great. I have worked with both Dr. Flood and Dr. Dispenza for almost a month, and my back has never felt better. They are both extremely professional and are really educating me on my adjustments. I would rate them higher than Excellent if I had the option. Don’t suffer with back pain any longer, call them today.

Tim Marose
I have been to other chiropractors in Rockville and none of them even cared about my symptoms it was always crack then want me to come back. I really was impressed that they took the time to find my problem and then did the necessary adjustments and recommendations to treat my problem.
Joseph Nottingham
Was visiting family in Rockville, needed a chiropractor and this place was recommended to me, They were fast, nice and the chiropractor really helped relieve my back pain! I would highly recommend them.
Leslie Sleager
Dr. Flood, Dr. Dispenza and Tracy provide compassionate and effective chiropractic care. Thank you for keeping me acitve and pain free!!
Laurie Parrinello