80% of Americans have some form of pain associated with their upper and lower back, and costs $100 billion dollars annually in lost work and productivity. Yet every year 22 million Americans find relief through chiropractic care, and are able to enjoy a pain-free experience when it comes to sports and leisure. Here is a quick look at the most popular types of chiropractic treatment:

Traditional Manual Adjustments

This is the oldest type of chiropractic, and dates back to ancient China and Greece. In a manual adjustment, the chiropractor uses just his hands and a quick, short movement to guide misaligned vertebra back into place. This can often afford dramatic and immediate relief from even severe back pain. Immediately after the adjustment, the patient may notice not only lessened pain, but also greater flexibility and range of motion.

We are committed to helping our patients live a pain free live, and resume physical activity as quickly as possible.  As a society, we spend more time sitting at our desks and in front of a computer, which only compounds issues with the next and the spine. We want to provide you with help as quickly as possible.

Take a quick look at our recent Rockville chiropractor reviews and make an appointment with one of our highly skilled doctors. You don’t have to deal with this pain on your own, and we can help you feel like yourself again.  Contact Prohealth today and get back in the game!