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Whether you are just about to graduate from high school or haven’t seen the inside of a classroom since before the turn of the century, you will find some incredible learning opportunities waiting for you at Montgomery Community College in Rockville, Maryland. With 130+ programs offered to students of all backgrounds, you are sure to discover the perfect one for your needs.

You might be transferring from another institution, another nation or from the armed forces. Perhaps you have been raising kids at home and now want to dedicate time to your own education and career. MCC offers various majors and courses of study to ensure that you can obtain the credentials you need in the shortest timeframe.

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Among the courses of studies offered at this institution, you can learn all about architecture. The building and construction industries have undergone tremendous changes in the recent decades. Thanks to advancing technologies, the accomplishments in modern design are truly astounding, and you can learn more about how to replicate those thoughts in your own plans.

On the other hand, you might prefer to use your computer for different applications. The IT department hosts a wide range of courses to ensure that all students can find the freshman and sophomore courses needed to fulfill their career goals. For some students, this entails focusing on computer science and technology. For others, their focus is learning about how to use computer simulation and gaming effects so that they can one day develop their own software.

Cybersecurity is an equally important field of study related to computers. As people become more reliant on them, computers also make citizens more vulnerable to intrusions. Cybersecurity experts play a valuable role in helping to protect society, both at the individual and group levels.

Although computers play a significant role in many fields, there are still plenty of educational opportunities for those who don’t want to sit behind a monitor all day. Health sciences and nursing classes are highly in demand at Montgomery Community College in the heart of Rockville, Maryland. The competition in these courses of study can be intense, in large part due to the benefits a nursing degree provides.

Nursing has a positive outlook for the future as baby boomers continue to pass retirement age. Plus, people of all ages will continue to need care for the same health problems people experience today. By obtaining a nursing degree, you should be able to find a job virtually anywhere in the country.

There is coursework for those who want to enter into the arts and sciences as well as future engineers. You can obtain a general studies degree, teacher education, or focus on communication. These and other choices await you at Montgomery Community College.

Athletics also plays a major role in at MC on the pike.  If you are looking to play an intramural sport or play for a collegiate team, you will have plenty of opportunities for sports while enrolled at Montgomery College in Rockville, MD.

If you want to expand your education for a brighter tomorrow, check out the website and start making plans today. You can learn the tools and skills necessary to have a promising career in a field of your choosing!

Several sports programs at MCC practice and play at the Rockville Sportsplex. You can learn more about that here.

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