When it comes to pain, Aspen Hill chiropractors understand that you need comprehensive treatment that will address the underlying causes as well as the symptoms. At ProHealth Chiropractic Wellness Center, our entire staff is dedicated to providing treatment to improve your quality of life to Aspen Hill locals.

Unlike many other medical professionals, we focus our care on natural means that encourage your body to heal from within. Rather than mask the pain with pharmaceuticals or suggest surgical intervention, we strive to correct your aches and pains without the risks associated with these dangerous forms of therapy.

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Chiropractors in Aspen Hill Can help Anyone Dealing with Pain

Spinal stenosisIn fact, the medical art of chiropractic care is so natural that it can be used for every member of your family. Countless youngsters with various problems have been able to receive assistance that has helped them to grow up healthy and strong. Not only that, older patients are often able to eliminate chronic pain through regular visits. You do not have to resign yourself to your current state of health, no matter your age, diagnosis or other concerns.

When you make an appointment with ProHealth Chiropractic Wellness Center, bring along any relevant information you have regarding your pain and conditions. We will go over all of your symptoms and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Our focus is on health and wellness, teaching your body how to be well. Each step of your treatment program will be designed to perfectly promote your own healing needs.

Multiple Aspen Hill Chiropractic Methodologies to Serve Clients

We utilize multiple methodologies to best serve our clients. Chiropractic adjustments are the most common source of treatment for our patients. With these, minor manipulations of the spine are used in order to promote proper alignment.

When your spine is not aligned correctly, it can place pressure on the nerves and other sensitive tissues surrounding them. This frequently contributes to pain and health problems like backpain, low back pain, and neck pain, even if it occurs far from the back of your body.

Sports Medicine Services in Aspen Hill

However, we don’t stop there! We provide a wide range of sports medicine services to serve the members of the community involved in competitive sports. The needs of athletes are somewhat different than the general population, and our Aspen Hill chiropractors have the training to ensure that you are at the top of your game each time you hit the field, court, golf course, or area of competition. We often work with baseball and basketball players from the local community, as well as golfers and other athletes that are looking for a competitive edge in their game.  While we serve many athletes in the Aspen Hill area, many of our athletes have found us searching for a sports chiropractor in Rockville MD.  We love to work with young and old athletes alike.

Additionally, many of our patients receive nutritional advice as part of the comprehensive treatment program. The foods you eat each day can have an untold impact on your pain. By learning how to eat for health and wellness, you will be gaining more life tools to prevent future pain as well as alleviate your current symptoms. Physical therapy and specific exercise regimens are also prescribed regularly by our chiropractors.

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People of Aspen Hill might find that one or more of these treatments offered at ProHealth Chiropractic Wellness Center are suggested for your plan. By incorporating each suggested method of healing, your efforts will have a synergistic effect. Before you know it, you will be feeling significantly better than you do today!

Taking care of your health does not mean taking a bunch of pills each day and ignoring your back pain. Contact us for a consultation. We will help you find the permanent and natural solutions you deserve whether you are in Bethesda or Aspen Hill, we are there for you!