Have you been experiencing chronic neck pain? Feeling a tingling sensation like being pricked by needles? Suffering from a stiff neck every once in a while? Dealing with neck problems can affect your daily activities. Here are the most common causes of neck pain.

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Spinal adjustmentWhiplash is a common neck injury caused by a sudden forced movement of the neck. The sudden movement of your neck will damage the tissues that surround and support your head and neck. Your muscles will react by contracting and tightening, which can lead to neck pain and stiffness.

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Or maybe it is because you are not getting any younger. Aging means you are prone to degenerative disorders such as spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis. Having a degenerative disc disease can also affect the health of your spine.

Neck Pain and Poor Posture

Some things you do in your daily life can also be the cause of your neck pain. Having a poor posture can affect your upper body, including your neck. Do you slouch almost every day? Your posture would likely cause your neck to move forward when you slouch. You have no idea that it changes the center of gravity of your head. Do you understand what that means? It means every time you slouch, your neck extends forward and makes your head heavier, which causes pain and discomfort in your neck.

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Are you aware of what chiropractic care does for your health? Chiropractic care, near Potomac, MD, proves the most effective way to improve your neck problem. Chiropractors can easily identify the cause of your neck pain. They can also provide you a customized treatment plan for your quick recovery and a healthy meal plan for you to become a healthier version of yourself.
Potomac chiropractors know where the pain comes from. Your entire body will be examined to observe your situation fully. Our experts surely know how to diagnose the cause of your neck pain and administer the right course of treatment, whether that involves a spinal adjustment or Cold laser therapy.

Dr. Flood has been serving the Montgomery County Community, including Washington DC for decades. Diagnosing and treating neck pain can also help with other ailments such as spinal disc herniation, sciatica, diseases and disorders, back pain, fibromyalgia, soft tissue injury, arthritis, headaches, low back pain, backpain, and much more.

Are you considering traction as an option to treat your neck problems? Using this method is still questioned by a lot of people, but it can be effective when performed by qualified professionals. Traction can decrease the compressive forces in your neck. It is also used to stretch out the muscles around your neck to decrease pain.

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