As your Big Pines chiropractor, Dr. Flood and Dr. James want to help on your journey to wellness. Over the years, repetitive motion injuries from summer sports can increase neck pain, aggravate lower back pain, cause a frozen shoulder or other should pain, aid in spinal decompression, or prevent you from participating in activities because you want to avoid sports injuries.

If you schedule an Appointment with one of Big Pines’s chiropractors, they can create a treatment plan that supports spinal and sports rehabilitation. Our patient center serving Big Pines will provide active release chiropractic adjustments that will support spinal health and provide patient education on overindulgence over the holidays so you don’t push your spine too hard.

Big Pines Chiropractic Will Help With Accident Injuries

Best chiropractor - Big PinesIf you have been involved in an accident in Big Pines, North Bethesda, or any other area of Montgomery County, advanced chiropractic may be one of the few techniques that will help you feel better. Supportive chiropractic care after an auto accident injury may include dry needling, active release, massage therapy, and other forms of pain management other than pills and surgery. A car accident can cause long-lasting pain and suffering and should speak with a Big Pines chiropractor at your earliest convenience. Our chiropractors at ProHealth Chiropractic Wellness Center serving Big Pines will discuss the seriousness of the auto accident, and provide you with an accessible version of relief from our chiropractic center.

We Want To Welcome You To Big Pines Chiropractic Care and Help You Today

At ProHealth Chiropractic and Wellness in Big Pines, we are just minutes from Washington DC, and all of Montgomery County, Maryland. Our chiropractor serving Big Pines is familiar with sports care, metro physical therapy, and supporting spinal health.

If you are in need of postural correction, make an appointment online at our Big Pines Chiropractic location and meet the doctor. Be sure to check out our office hours, fill out your medical history with our online forms, and click on the request appointment button.

Whether you are located in Big Pines, or work in the Rockville area, we want to be the family chiropractic clinic you think of when looking for a chiropractor in Big Pines.

We are proud to offer chiropractic services to residents of Big Pines including the neighborhoods of Big Pines Town Square, Big Pines, Old Georgetown Estates, Willerburn Acres, and Garrett Park. We look forward to serving you.