We’ve all done it, lifted something we knew we shouldn’t have, played tackle football with the kids last weekend, wore those ridiculous high heels, and now you’re paying the price. Your lower back hurts like heck but you’ve got things to do.

Here are some quick fixes to get you feeling better and back on your game.

Stretch Away the Pain

Slow, gentle stretching is a great way to Relieve back pain, especially back pain brought on by tension or sitting still too long. Start by hanging down from the waist. Just let yourself relax and flop over. Go slow. Don’t make any sudden or jerky movements. Just hang down like a rag doll for a minute or two. Repeat several times throughout the day.

Next, stretch upward. Stretch upward with one hand then the other. Go slowly and stay relaxed. Yoga stretches are great, too. If you find that you are in need of other procedures to help with back pain, please contact our office today and schedule an appointment.