The City of Rockville is full of different sports leagues. Whether you or your kids enjoy playing soccer, basketball, baseball, football, or anything else, you should be able to find a sports league that can satisfy your needs at a variety of skill levels. Below, we’ll review some of the different leagues that the city offers.

Different sports leagues:

  1. Youth sports leagues

If you are looking for youth sports leagues, you will be able to find everything being offered from recreational soccer, football, boys and girls basketball, wrestling, t-ball, track and field, coach pitch baseball, and youth baseball. These leagues start at different periods throughout the year.


Some begin in the fall such as recreational soccer, cross country, and the Rockville Football League (RFL).


Some begin in the winter such as mighty mites basketball, girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball, and wrestling.


The leagues that begin in the Spring are t-ball, coach pitch baseball, track and field, and recreational soccer.


The league that runs consecutively throughout the Spring and Fall is the Rockville Baseball Association (RBBA).

  1. Adult sports leagues

When it comes to the adult sports leagues that are available, there are plenty to choose from depending on the season.


During the fall, you can choose from co-rec volleyball, women’s volleyball, men’s softball, co-rec softball, 10K and 5K races, co-rec soccer, and men’s basketball.


When winter time comes, you will be able to choose from various indoor sports including men’s basketball, co-rec volleyball, and women’s volleyball.

Spring and Summer

When Spring and Summer come, you will be able to choose from men’s softball and co-rec softball.


The Spring months offer a variety of sports including men’s basketball, co-rec sand volleyball, co-rec soccer, and co-rec volleyball.


In the summer, Rockville only has men’s basketball available for adult leagues.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to consider when it comes to choosing various sports or leagues in the City of Rockville whether you are looking for the youth or adult options.

How to sign up?

The different leagues allow you to register online either through their respective websites (if applicable) or through Rock Enroll which is Rockville’s recreation and parks online registration site. Many of the activities are held at the Rockville Sportsplex.

Questions about weather:

If you have questions about the weather for any league, you will want to contact the Sports Weather Information Line at 240-314-5055.

Whether you are looking for a social outlet, a way to get more exercise into you or your kid’s life, or you are looking to build your children’s teamwork experiences, you should be able to effectively do this with all of the leagues that the City of Rockville offers. You can contact the City of Rockville sports division at [email protected] or by calling 240-314-8620.

You can utilize this contact information whether you are looking for more information on the various leagues that are available, trying to sign up for a league, or simply looking to get involved.

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