When first introduced more than a decade ago, speed cameras weren’t very popular with motorists. They represented a way to catch speeders in an automated fashion. After studies and research were conducted, more information started coming to light about how beneficial these cameras are when it comes to saving lives. While there are still aggressive motorists that feel speed cameras in Rockville MD and other areas around the US are the bane of their existence as drivers, other motorists out there now understand their purpose, especially when it comes to controlling speed in school zones throughout Montgomery County.

image of Old Georgetown Road outside Rockville in North Bethesda

First, the automated system of speed cameras frees up police personnel to handle other aspects of their jobs. Police forces can be stretched thin at times, and having these automatic speed traps set up help them focus on other duties. That doesn’t mean, however, that officers aren’t out there manually catching speeding offenders. The goal of these speed traps though is to keep more citizens aware, on their toes so to speak, and without a lead foot on the gas pedal.

Residents of Rockville MD also need to be aware of how these speed cameras are often being transitioned to speed corridors. What is a speed corridor? It is a stretch of road notifying motorists that an automated speed trap is set, without giving away the location of the speed camera. You see, there are websites that you can view, giving locations for speed cameras. However, the implementation of speed corridors helps make those websites moot.

Stopping motorists from speeding and reducing casualties on the road is always going to be a battle. However, it is a battle that authorities in Rockville MD and other cities throughout the US are always willing to fight. One look at the statistics from studies conducted surrounding these speed cameras, and it’s quite obvious that they are saving lives.

Take zones for example that have slower speed limits posted. In one study conducted involving distinct zones in this category, fatalities from wrecks were reduced by 39 percent. What you need to take from this, too, is these zones are ones where people shouldn’t even be traveling at speeds that normally would cause fatalities in the event of a road accident.

The numbers and percentages of the studies in various areas are going to fluctuate. The truth of the matter, however, doesn’t fluctuate. The fact is these speed traps help to slow motorists down, and they save lives. While the speed cameras are ideal for many reasons and have many valuable benefits, the bottom line is their implementation is meant to make the roads safer for all motorists.

Do you live in Rockville MD? Are you aware as a resident where the speed cameras are setup? Are you familiar with any speed corridors in Rockville? Who knows what’s next for Rockville after speed cameras and speed corridors, but it’s certainly not going to be police officers having to catch all speeding offenders manually. It could be that self-driving cars hitting the market in future years aren’t allowed to speed at all.

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