Rockville, Maryland is a city that happens to be located near Washington D.C. Because of this, there is always something to do in and around the area. Throughout this article, we will address some of the best ways to find things to do in Rockville.

How to find events

  1. Facebook groups

One of the best ways to find things to do in Rockville Maryland would be to simply head on over to some of the local community Facebook groups. Here, you will be able to see what is going on in the area and whether or not there are any activities in which you can participate.

  1. Rockville Town Center

Another great way to find things to do is to visit Rockville Town Center. Here, you will find a lot of people gathering and spending time in the court yard. Not only can you find things to do in the town center itself, but you can check out the bulletins in the local library for more information about upcoming events and things happening in the area.

  1. Patch

If you’re in search of things to do in Rockville specifically, you can always check out the Rockville Patch. Here, you will find a great deal information that will be useful to yourself as a Rockville resident or even find different upcoming events going on in the future. Along with this, you can visit the board on the website to see recent announcements and check out their calendar.

  1. The Gazette

The Gazette is another great resource for finding things available to do in the surrounding areas. It is published weekly, and it is a community newspaper serving the entire Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Carroll counties in the state. Here, you can find a variety of things that you can not only do in the area but things that might be happening throughout the rest of the county as well.

  1. Rockville’s official website

You can also check out Rockville’s official website which will show you a mixture of activities that might be happening. Along with this, you will be able to find the pertinent information you might need to know if you are a resident of the area.

  1. Trip Advisor

If you are simply planning on traveling around Rockville, you might want to check out Trip Advisor. Here, you will find the top activities to do while you are visiting and it is a good resource for any traveler to utilize for that reason. Also, you can ask specific questions related to your trip to other travelers who have been to the area in their forum section.

Overall, there is so much to do in and around Rockville because it is located so close to D.C. Therefore, you might want to check out D.C while you are in Rockville as you will never run out of things to do.

Things You Can Do In Rockville Maryland