If you are dealing with acute or chronic pain, visiting a chiropractor is an excellent way to relieve pain and help your body heal itself. Chiropractic care is also a perfect solution if you are experiencing migraines, muscle spasms, or sports injuries. These problems should be taken care of sooner rather than later, before they get out of hand. However, the question remains – how often should you get adjusted by a chiropractor?

Let’s take a closer look at what chiropractic adjustments are, how they work, as well as how often you should get adjusted by a chiropractor.

Reasons for visiting a chiropractor

The two most common reasons for choosing chiropractic care are back pain and neck pain, and they affect people of all ages regularly. However, you may also want to consider a chiropractic adjustment if you are experiencing chronic headaches or migraines, chronic pain, sports injuries, or if you’ve been involved in a vehicle accident. In most cases, you can find relief after only a couple of sessions, but some problems require regular visits.

Visiting a chiropractor regularly can help you feel better over time. However, even if you aren’t experiencing pain, chiropractors can help you. You may want to consider visiting one if you are in need of preventative care, spinal correction, or overall wellbeing.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

Chiropractic adjustments are done by medically trained specialists. These professionals can treat most neuromusculoskeletal conditions, including back and neck pain, muscle spasms, disc and joint pain, whiplash, pain related to traveling or working.

Chiropractors perform hands-on manipulation, focusing on the spine. During an adjustment, chiropractors use their hands or small instruments to apply controlled pressure to a spinal joint. The idea is to ensure the body’s musculoskeletal structure is properly aligned.

These targeted and controlled adjustments to specific areas help the body heal itself. Their main benefits include helping to reduce or completely relieve pain and reducing the need for surgery or medications. Chiropractic adjustments also offer increased mobility and faster healing from injuries.

No matter if you were injured in a car accident, a slip-and-fall incident, or something else has caused your pain problems, seeing a chiropractor can help you with the recovery process. Your body will also benefit from realignment if you are sitting behind your computer all day staring at the screen.

How do chiropractic adjustments work?

Chiropractic adjustments are specific to you and your body, and the treatment depends on your unique condition. The treatment begins with the physical examination of your body during the initial visit. During this visit, a chiropractor will determine your exact condition, discover what is wrong, and create a treatment plan for your needs.

You should also discuss your goals with the chiropractor. Are you looking for short-term relief? Are you in need of long-term preventative care? Did the pain just hit you from nowhere, or has it been building for a while?

Chiropractic treatment is much more than just treating the pain. The purpose of these treatments is to determine the cause of your problem, as well as to address the underlying issue that causes it. By making sure your body’s musculoskeletal structure is properly aligned, chiropractors help your body heal itself.

After developing the best treatment plan, the next step is chiropractic adjustment. You will have to lie down on a specially padded table. A chiropractor will place you in specific positions and apply controlled and sudden pressure to a joint. Don’t let the cracking sounds or loud popping scare you; that’s a normal part of the treatment. Once your musculoskeletal structure is back in alignment, you will feel much better.

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How often should you get a chiropractic adjustment?

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer as each patient’s condition is different. The frequency of visits depends on your pain levels, overall health, and the type of adjustment you need, which can only be determined by an experienced, licensed chirpractor. 

In order to determine the appropriate frequency of visits, chiropractors will perform physical examinations and take a look at your x-rays. Once they develop the best treatment plan based on your personal circumstances, they will explain how often you should get an adjustment.

If you are dealing with severe and persistent chronic pain, you may need to undergo adjustments weekly or biweekly until your body starts to heal. In case of muscle spasms, you may need to do a few visits each week at first and then gradually reduce them once you start feeling better.

If you have been injured while carrying heavy items, having just one chiropractic adjustment may do the trick. Finally, if you are completely pain-free and simply want to maintain your lifestyle, getting an adjustment a couple of times a year may be enough.

As you can see, the frequency of chiropractic adjustments depends on various factors. Your chiropractor will determine how often you should get an adjustment based on your personal circumstances.

The Bottom Line

Chiropractic adjustments can be very effective when it comes to treating pain, headaches, sports injuries, or simply maintaining your well-being. Determining how often you will need an adjustment depends on the cause of your pain, the severity of discomfort, and your goals.

If you are thinking about a chiropractic adjustment, contact the professionals at ProHealth Chiropractic Wellness Center to create the best treatment plan for your unique situation.