While reading this article right now, the odds are pretty high that you’re slouched over and your head is tilted forward.

In this day in age, millions of people are using mobile devices around the world. Most people who use these devices acquire stiff neck and poor neck and shoulder posture. Poor posture can result in shoulder pain, upper back pain, and headaches. Luckily, doctors have a diagnosis for these symptoms of text neck, as they refer to it.

Text Neck is a result of staring down at a hand-held device for an excessive length of time. The term is identified as “Text Neck” because of our modern age mobile phones and our addiction to them. Phones have increased the amount of time we spend crouched over, exponentially.

Chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitative Medicine, Dr. Ken Hansraj, performed a study on poor posture and how it affects people, specifically when on mobile devices or cell phone. “It’s a lot of load, an amazing amount of weight to be carrying around your neck,” said Hansraj. Results on the study found that “as the head tilts forward, the forces seen by the neck surges to 27 pounds at 15 degrees.” Putting all that force on your neck is such an unnatural position to be in.

Whether you’re texting, surfing the web, or playing games on your device, the forward head position that you tilt your head can lead to lifelong problems for your neck and spine. In fact, the position you’re in right now is probably Causing you lower back pain, whether you’re aware of it or not.

Solutions to Correcting Text Neck

Try neck exercises that activate your spine center to relieve tension or tightness. A strong back can handle more stress, weight, and muscle strain. Good postural habits and keeping your spine active and flexible is ideal when maintaining the health of your neck and body.

When your neck is in a bent position for an extended period, it may lead to long-term consequences such as chronic neck pain, repeated stress, and overuse syndrome. To neck pain relief, consider lifting your device to an eye-level position, also know as Forward head posture. By raising your technological device, you are protecting your neck and spinal cord from the effects of texting. If you aren’t in an environment where you’re able to lift your device, it’s essential to sit up straight and look at the screen with your head forward.

When individuals spend too much time on their phones, neck strain is all too common. A solution to regular neck pain and discomfort is to limit the time you spend using your device.

Even using your phone when you have somewhere to rest your neck instead of holding it up will benefit your spinal health. There’s no need to eliminate your screen time on handheld devices, but small changes like using it less often can make powerful impacts.

Visiting a chiropractor can help you maintain the health of your neck and spine. A chiropractor can help to relieve Text neck syndrome,  lower back pain, neck strain, pressure, and irritation of the spine. Although a chiropractor cannot prevent you from getting Text Neck, they can help cure your chronic neck pain. Receiving chiropractic care on a regular basis will allow you to maintain good health.

Chiropractors near me, like ProHealth Chiropractic Wellness Center work to correct pain at the source. They provide personalized services tailored to specific needs such as physical therapy and stretching exercises. If you are experiencing aching pain from Text Neck, contact a local chiropractor for state of the art chiropractic therapy and exercises and stretches to help reduce and alleviate your pain. Consider adding chiropractic care to your life. Call today to schedule your consultation.